Dr. Peter Curcione


Larry Felix, age 71, Albany, NY

Dan- Greetings. You may know that I postponed, rescheduled and then cancelled my scheduled MRI.

My schedule has been very unpredictable and I have spent and will spend some long stretches in my Albany, NY home and office. I have hooked up with my Albany, regular Orthopedic Provider, Dr. Richard Alfred, and have an MRI scheduled for next week. When I have the results, I will determine my course of action and location.

In the meanwhile, I want to Thank You and your organization (including Lee Regional) for the immediate and very professional care furnished to me to this point.

Doris Sanders, age 85, Lehigh Acres

Nearly bedridden with hip pain, Doris underwent the Anterior Approach to hip replacement: I was up and walking immediately following surgery. Less than a month later, I walked without assistance into my 85th birthday celebration. Now I am enjoying gardening, swimming and active living. The Anterior Approach gave me my life back.

Pastor William Fay, age 69, Fort Myers

After years of suffering from knee pain, William Fay underwent a total knee replacement: Before surgery, I walked with a limp, could no longer play golf and lived in chronic pain. As a traveling pastor, I found it difficult to stand through sermons. Following surgery and recovery, I'm golfing, preaching and enjoying my life again. Im grateful to Dr. Curcione and his staff for their skill and compassion.

Susan Fuller, 56, LaBelle

Susan had a history of osteoarthritis causing her severe joint pain in both her hips and knees. In addition, an old knee injury continued to cause her pain. Eventually, the pain was so severe that she underwent knee replacement surgery. While her knee improved, her osteoarthritis continued to cause pain. When medication and non-surgical treatment did not result in improvements, Susan underwent the anterior approach to hip replacement. I was up and walking following my surgery and home within 48 hours with little to no pain, said Susan. I am nearly 100 percent improved. I work with preschool children so I am very active. I am back to gardening, swimming, riding my bike and living my life without pain. I only wish I had not waited so long.

Jonathan Hill, 50, Fort Myers

After months of living with severe hip pain, Jonathan used a walker or cane to get around. After a fall and injury, he was referred to me and underwent the Anterior Approach to hip replacement. After a short recovery, I am no longer in pain. I am walking without the cane or walker. I highly recommend the Anterior Approach to hip replacement if you are living with hip pain and need surgery.

Susan had bilateral hip replacements

Carl C. Clements

"The best part of having both of my knees replaced was being able to enjoy my dream wedding at 60 pain-free, just three months after surgery," said Carl C. Clements of Fort Myers, Florida.

Carl’s knee problems began years ago with a torn meniscus and his knees kept getting progressively worse. First, he began waking up in the morning with his right knee swollen and aching. As a tr ailer truck loader, his job consisted of jumping on and off the truck and it was becoming increasingly difficult and painful to do so.

knees-replaced Learn more about Carl's VERASENSE knee replacements...

At that time, Carl had accompanied his mother to her orthopaedic visits with Dr. Peter Curcione at the Athletic Orthopedic and Reconstructive Center in Lehigh Acres, FL. This gave him the opportunity to discuss the options available to finally relieve the pain in both of his knees.

Dr. Curcione immediately recommended that Carl get x-rays of his knees in order to determine his options. Upon receiving his x-ray results, Dr. Curcione confirmed that Carl had completely worn away the cartilage in both of his knees. They were "bone-on-bone" and causing his extreme pain. He was going to need total knee replacement surgery on both of his knees. Carl was a great candidate for knee replacement using VERASENSE.


Your musculoskeletal system, which comprises 206 bones that are connected by joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, protects your internal organs, supports your weight, and allows you to move. It's a complex, interdependent system where even a minor disruption can result in discomfort.

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