Arthroscopic knee surgery

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery With Partial Meniscetomy


Knee Arthroscopy


A direct and thorough examination of the knee using an instrument that allows the doctor to look directly into the knee. Allowing him to diagnose and treat a problem within your knee. IE/ soft tissue, cartilage, and/or ligament damage.


Do Nothing; Medicines; Physical Therapy; Injections


Relieve pain, Improve function




Supervised by physical therapist

Off Work:

Depends on job, approximately 2 weeks


When you feel comfortable, Not recommended while on pain meds

Weight bearing:

Full weight bearing and walking in the hospital day of surgery

Assistive devices:

Crutches may be needed for a couple days after surgery or up to six weeks depending on the surgery

Pain Control:

Narcotic pain medicine by mouth, Anti-inflammatory, Muscle Relaxer


When incision has completely healed with no scabbing

Medical Clearance:

We may have to request medical clearance from your primary doctor and/or cardiologist prior to surgery


Please do not plan on traveling for a minimum of 6 weeks. Please notify Dr. Curcione if travel is considered within the first 3 months after surgery


Anesthesia, Bleeding, Infection, Stiffness, Damage to nerve/blood vessel/ ligament, Fracture, Blood clot, Lung clot, Medical, Failure to achieve goals.

Dr. Curcione describes Arthroscopic Knee Surgery With Partial Meniscetomy


Your musculoskeletal system, which comprises 206 bones that are connected by joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, protects your internal organs, supports your weight, and allows you to move. It's a complex, interdependent system where even a minor disruption can result in discomfort.

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